This toolkit was made possible by the contributions of the following organizations and networks, many of whom are made up of students, parents/caregivers, educators, school-site and district staff, community members, researchers, policy advocates, organizers and more. We are deeply grateful to everyone lending materials from decades of education organizing, as well as the work they continue to do for the transformation of our public education system.

California Partnership for The Future of Learning Anchor and Support Organizations

Building Healthy Communities (BHC) Monterey County
Californians for Justice
Catalyst California
Community Coalition
Inner City Struggle
Inland Congregations United for Change/PICO California Education for Liberation
Orange County Congregation Community Organization/PICO California Education for Liberation
PICO California
Public Advocates
Sacramento Act/PICO California Education for Liberation
True North Organizing Network/PICO California Education for Liberation

Featured Organizations and Networks

Alameda County Health Care Services Agency Center for Healthy Schools & Communities
Alliance for Boys and Men of Color
The Alliance for California Traditional Arts
BHC Monterey County La Cosecha
BHC Monterey County Padres Unidos
California Children's Trust
Children and Youth Behavioral Health Initiative
The Education Trust - West
Elk Grove Unified School District
Facilitating Power
Families in Schools
Felicitas & Gonzalo Mendez High School
Frick United Academy of Language
Garfield Elementary School
International Community School
Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo High School
Learning Policy Institute
The Los Angeles Trust for Children’s Health
Movement Strategy Center
Parent Teacher Home Visits
Pittsburg Unified School District
Pomona High School
Pomona Peer Resources
Promesa Boyle Heights
Oakland High School Shop 55
Oakland International High School
Roosevelt High School
Shasta County Office of Education
Youth Alliance

Individual Contributors

We also want to appreciate some individual members of our community who made this particular stage of the Toolkit possible – gathering stories and resources; coordinating with partners, conducting interviews and weaving stories; and making the brilliance and power of our movement accessible as a printed and web-based resource.

Project Directors: Geordee Mae Corpuz and Katy Núñez-Adler

Project Advisors: Aimee Eng, Amber Hu, Amy Campbell-Blair, Angelica Jongco, Anna Maier, Blandy Morales, Daniela Hernandez, Day Son, Elizabeth Guzman, Erin Apte, Jessenia Reyes, Jessica Barajas, Julia Lerma, Justine Santos, Karen Alvarado, Karn Saetang, Kenneth Cole, Laura Zavala, Lucero Soto, Maritza Bermudez, Miguel Dominguez, Roberta Furger, Rocio Ruiz Chen, Rosa De Leon, Sergio Tonatiuh Luna, Teresa Flores Onofre, Vickie Ramos Harris, Xochitl Salazar

Contributors: Aimee Eng, Alice Li, Alison Hsieh, Alma Cervantes, Alma Loredo, Amy Kitchener, Angelica Jongco, Beth Kuenstler, Carmen Ayala, Charlie Thompson, Christian Flagg, Daniela Hernandez, Dr. David Turner III, Eric Morrison-Smith, Erin Apte, Gabrielle Tilley, Jocelyn Marquez, Julia Lerma, Justine Santos, Liz Sullivan, Lucero Soto, Maritza Bermudez, Miguel Dominguez, Morgan Cole, Najla Gomez Rodriguez, Nicole Gon Ochi, Nicolette Morales, Rachel Brice, Rene Casas, Rocio Ruiz Chen, Rosario Hernandez, Saa'un P. Bell, Sandy Mendoza, Sheila Balk, Shulamit Ritblatt, Sybil Grant

Spanish Language Translation & Copyediting: Marina Martinez, Alba Hernandez

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Website Design: Bob Willems

Copyediting: Angelica Jongco and Anna Maier